Addis Glass

Every project is an opportunity to learn, to figure out problems and challenges, to invent and reinvent

David Rockwell

The Current Plant

Our company is located in Addis Abebe along the road to Ambo and it covers an area of approximately 81,000 m2.

At the site we currently have two factories. Factory1 is the old plant seating on 3,640m2 with a capacity of 35 tons per day. Factory2 is the new plant on 5,082m 2of land built under the expansion project for three lines; one 50 ton and two 80 ton a day.

The Expansion Project

The new plant is constructed on the current site and includes 3 additional production lines with an estimated cost of USD 45 million. This is being undertaken by two phases.

  • Phase one has already be completed and has started operations in July 2016. Phase one was the construction of a whole plant and batch house for three additional lines with the completion off one 50-ton production line.
  • Phase two is planned to be implemented in 2018-19 and will involve the completion of two 80-ton production lines.

At the completion of phase III, Addis Glass will have a production capacity of 245 tons per day and an annual capacity of 76,012 tons. As part of the expansion, preparation of raw materials will moved to a new location. The new plant seats on 24,000m2 and is located in Sululta.